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Product group SensLog

Produktbereich SensLog

Complex data logger that makes efficient use of space

On the basis of highly sophisticated packaging technologies MPD processes complex and miniaturized sensor modules which offer highly integrated functionality. MPD is offering with the new product group Senslog competitive sensor data loggers with RFID-interface for transport and warehouse logistics.

Product description

The Senslog data logger is used to measure and record temperature and acceleration events (shock, inclination) on a constant basis or when triggered by events. The events recorded are logged with a time stamp.

The data can be read via a UHF RFID interface.

Field of application

The main field of application for the Senslog data logger is for valuable and/or sensitive transported goods and/or hazardous materials requiring monitoring for temperature and acceleration during transport.

Events occurring during transport can be continuously measured and logged for verification purposes.

This provides quality assurance during transport and early damage recognition, as well as providing clearly evidence in case of damage.

Examples of application

  • Monitoring shocks, inclination and temperature during the transportation and/or storage of pharmaceutical products, medicines and organs
  • Monitoring shock and inclination during the transportation of goods which are fragile and sensitive to impact, such as works of art, measuring devices and laboratory apparatus
  • Monitoring temperature during transportation and/or storage of foodstuffs
  • Monitoring shock and inclination for largescale industrial shipping


  • Large memory space
  • Events logged with time stamp
  • High range
  • Reserve energy 2 months
  • Data accessible when battery fails
  • Password protection against manipulation
  • Easy to install

Performance features

  • Standardised RFID-interface
  • Highly interoperable with existing systems
  • Small size thanks to electronic components being well integrated
  • Attractive price

Demo kit

We provide a demo kit for you to try out our Senslog data logger.

The demo kit consists of:

  • Senslog data logger
  • "DeskID" UHF RFID reader with USB connections
  • CD-ROM with drivers, documentation and complete "Senslog DesktopReader" software solution

Price on request.


Download SensLog data sheet and technical specifications

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