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  Geschichte 2011  
  • Silicon Sensor International AG is now operating under the name First Sensor AG.
  • Enlargement of First Sensor AG started by acquisition of Sensortechnics Group, cooperation of the AVT companies.
  • Roland Mielke named as second Managing Director of mpd.
  • Following an excellent 2010, 2011 was another very successful year for mpd! Two years of annual growth of over 25%.
    The economic upswing and the decisions made for new projects in the fields of industry, medical technology and automotive products are setting high expectations for future development.
  Image: Geschichte 2010  

Since March 2010 the First Sensor Technology GmbH is integrated in the company group of the Silicon Sensor International AG, MPD cooperate now with a further partner for pressure sensor applications.

Because of the good order situation of their customers the revenue of the MPD was increase strongly.

  Image: Geschichte 2009  

Company founder Jörg Ludewig took his official leave from the company and entered well-earned retirement in April 2009. The so-called “Ludewig Beech” was planted in front of the MPD building in his honour and is now to grow and flourish together with the company.

A further dedicated production line was successfully inaugurated and will in future support the manufacturing of 1 million torque sensor modules a year for the automotive industry.

  Geschichte 2008  

Gregor Zwinge was appointed sole managing director of MPD in January 2008, taking over active management responsibilities from company founder Jörg Ludewig. Jörg Ludewig will continue to serve the company as an advisor, making available his vast wealth of experience.

  Geschichte 2003-2007  

An annex doubled the production floor space available to MPD, providing future accommodation for dedicated production lines.

Silicon Micro Sensors GmbHThe newly founded company Silicon Micro Sensors GmbH, with Wilhelm Prinz von Hessen as managing director, represented a new step along the value creation chain for Silicon Sensor International AG, commencing business activities at the beginning of 2007.


In 2006, MPD celebrated its 10th anniversary.


Silicon Sensor International AGSilicon Sensor International AG, with headquarters in Berlin, acquired an 84% stake in MPD in 2005 and thereby became new principal shareholder.


In 2004, a so-called upgrade audit verified the conformity and efficiency of the MPD quality system in accordance with the increased demands of the standard ISO/TS 16949:2002 on the basis of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000; MPD is thus officially certified to ISO/TS 16949:2002.

  Image: Geschichte 1997-2002  

MPD counted 76 employees by mid-2002, and was able to move to a new building (with three times the previous space) at the end of the same year.

From October 2001 onwards, Jörg Ludewig was assisted in his duties as managing director by Wilhelm Prinz von Hessen, who joined MPD GmbH as technical director.

Expansion of the MPD packaging portfolio to include:

  • Opto-chips and modules (image sensors)
  • Ball and landgrid arrays
  • Chip size packaging
  • High-density packaging (stacked chips)

In 1996, Jörg Ludewig founded Microelectronic Packaging Dresden GmbH as a spin-off based around former assembly and packaging department of ZMD GmbH. The new company started business with 11 employees on 1 January 1997, presenting itself as a service provider in the field of advanced packaging for inte¬grated circuits, sensors and microsystems.

  Image: Geschichte 1966-1995  

Between 1966 and 1995, the assembly department of what is today Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden GmbH (ZMD) worked on developments in the following technologies:


  • COB technologies for ICs, sensors and microsystems
  • Flex-MCM
  • Mass production of COB memory modules


  • Substitution of gold in packaging
  • Automatic manufacturing line for high-pincount CQFP
  • Tape-automated bonding (TAB)
  • AlGe solder for die bonding
  • Copper wire bonding


  • CPID leadframe technology for high-volume production
  • Flip chip technology
  • Ultrasonic bonding on non-precious metal leadframes
  • Chip bonding with solder glass


  • Development of basic technologies for the packaging of ICs in metal housings
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