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Research and development

Research and development


One of the core competencies at MPD is the development of customer-specific packaging solutions in accordance with individual design and functionality specifications.

The layouts for packaging solutions are elaborated with the aid of modern CAD systems.

Microelectronic devices are realised with a practically unlimited choice of wiring carriers, using either known methods or individually elaborated assembly and packaging technologies.

All development work is based on the latest packaging know-how.

Materials know-how

MPD possesses many years of experience and thus extensive expert knowledge regarding the typical materials and material combinations used in microelectronics, for example wiring base materials (organic circuit boards, ceramics, metal, glass), adhesives, encapsulating materials, solder pastes and surface coatings, including relevant knowledge of contact systems and their reliability characteristics. Selected studies and microanalyses permit constant expansion and deepening of this knowledge.

An understanding of the material properties in the context of the most varied ambient and production conditions is decisive for

  • correct material selection
  • development and selection of the appropriate packaging technology
  • the quality and reliability of the final components and modules

Process technology

A further strength is our ability to merge different packaging techniques, materials and product specifications into controlled, high-quality and cost-efficient production processes

Continuous development of the manufacturing process is the decisive key to achieving:

  • maximum reproducibility of the manufacturing processes
  • optimum manufacturing quality
  • minimised yield losses

In cooperation with partners in research and industry, we are working continuously on process technology improvements within the framework of joint projects.

Test procedures

Our knowledge of mechanical, thermal and electrical test procedures, as well as of analytical methods for failure analysis and the characterisation of material systems (chemical methods, X-ray and ion imaging, ultrasound techniques), is a prerequisite for selection of the optimum materials and technology for your specific packaging solution.

To ensure a constant high product quality, furthermore, we define and realise the required test and quality criteria for the manufacturing process in accordance with the product specifications. This may include pull/shear tests, gross and fine leakage tests, temperature cycling, climate tests, surface analysis, x-ray and ultrasonic testing, standard micrographs and failure analyses. The chosen test procedures are implemented either directly by MPD, or else in cooperation with renowned university laboratories (TU Dresden), Fraunhofer institutes
(FhG / IZM) or industrial partners such as SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH.


MPD also contributes to numerous research projects in cooperation with institutes and industry partners, so as to be able to offer its customers tomorrow's state of the art in today's products.

Together with our industry and university partners, as well as corresponding institutes of the Fraunhofer Society, we are working on various developments for the automotive industry (driver assistance systems) and medical sector (intelligent hip replacements), autonomous sensor networks for monitoring in energy systems, and new technologies for the manufacturing of integrated circuits.

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